Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are u the tech dude !!!!!

English is a vast language

Often I feel there are too many words to refer to the same stuff in English.... i used to crib when i tried to memorise those words in the GRE wordlist... little did i realise then ,the reason so many words were there to represent... the same stuff... the nuances and the subtle differences each one of them provide.. n to use which word in which context ... i used to dismiss them as being unnecessarily redundant and were purely superficial for the sake of different styles of communication!!!!

here it just reiterates that I still dont know much of them !!!!

if u want to start with a relatively easier crossword in order to build ur vocabulary and thinking capabilities .. check this out

the orkut group for it...


Geeky Stuff

Telco terminologies

Convergence Bundling